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High impact poster design

April 4th, 2013

When designed and executed correctly, posters can be a perfect way of advertising your events, products and services.  1ClickPrint offer fantastic promotions on both single and multiple run poster printing, in a wide range of standard sizes and a variety of finishes, depending on where you are planning on displaying them.

Posters can be designed and produced very cost effectively in-house or at home using a variety of software packages, but to create something that communicates effectively you must be conscious of the basic principles when creating a high impacting design. Below are some points that we feel you should consider when designing posters that appeal to your target market and attract them to your business or event.

Impacting images grab attention
The right images can stand alone without the need of a huge amount of text to explain the material you are hoping to share. If your design has a lot of text, choose a graphic that complements the written message. An image can speak a thousand words and add interest to your poster, always try to include either a photograph or graphic within your design for maximum impact.

Restrict your colour palette and make sure they compliment each other
Avoid using colours that clash. Not only do they appear unpleasant and irritating to your audience, they also negatively affect the whole design. On the other hand, colours that complement well together increase your design and enable the text and pictures to stand out.  Try to select just a couple of colours to use in your design and if you find you need more, then use different shades of the same colours, also try matching them to your logo (if you have one), or the colours within your photos/graphics used.

Consider the type of font you use
As with colours, try not to use any more than 2 or 3 different font types on your poster.  Where possible use, bold, black, condensed or italic versions of the same font family.   It is also very important to consider the style of font you choose to use.  There are plenty of cool, elaborate, and beautiful free of charge type fonts from which to choose. Nevertheless, not all font types are best for every design. If your poster is meant to deliver information, then work with a clean, simple, and easily readable font style. If your poster is about a concert that includes classic singers or a ballet performance, then spidery, stylish fonts will be suitable.

Make the Stag proud!

March 28th, 2013

These days it is almost an unspoken rule that when the Best Man is organising the Stag Do, he will be embarking on the procurement of a set of suitably customised printed t-shirts for the Stag party to be adorned in when celebrating their friend’s ‘last night of freedom’.  At 1ClickPrint, we help take some of the pressure from the Best Man by creating quality customised t-shirt in whatever colour you want, showing whatever images or personalised ‘identities’ you can imagine, in a range of sizes to fit everyone in your party!

From simple squad numbers and nicknames, to baby photos and elaborate motifs and logos, we can print anything you desire onto your chosen t-shirts, we can even help you with ideas and designs if you can’t provide your own artwork.  Whether you are planning an activity day followed by a night on the tiles, or even a whole weekend…our t-shirts are so reasonably priced that we recommend you order two for each member of the party and maybe a size larger to go over the top of your clothes depending on the time of year!

Memories immortalised on canvas

March 22nd, 2013

We are currently running another spectacular offer on one of our printed canvas products, so dig out those images and get ready to make some fantastic savings!

Are you recently married or have attended a wedding of a close friend or family member and have lots of great photos of the day? Or are you soon to be married or looking for a novel gift to give the bride and groom?  Whatever the occasion, graduation, christening, kid’s school photos, 1ClickPrint’s canvas printing is second to none, we offer fantastic prices on a range of sizes and our inks are UV stable meaning your image can be displayed for years and resist the fading effects of the sun.

Simply send us your images, select the size, let us know if you want anything touching up….dates stamps/red-eye removal etc, and we will do the rest.

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Why buy leaflet and flyer printing online?

March 12th, 2013

Buying leaflet printing on-line is a cost effective and convenient way for you to see and select everything needed, from the design, size, finishing and quantity of your flyers.  Traditional marketing collateral is still an important part of any marketing campaign, so, if you want to produce flyers, an on-line print house can offer you the most cost effective options, simply and conveniently without leaving your desk.

At 1clickprint our print machinery is top quality and cutting edge, making us able to produce materials of a very high standard extremely cost effectively, savings which we pass on to our customers.  Using printing techniques such as UV coating, embossing, and foil stamping, we can enhance your leaflets, making them look distinctive and grabbing the attention of your target audience.  We have integrated different processes and services under one roof, making it easy for our customers to select from a range of different products, and bundle these items together for a faster, easier turnaround.

Increased competition in the on-line market means that we constantly review our prices to ensure we remain as competitive and attractive as possible.  We regularly run promotions on Facebook, so look out for these to benefit from huge savings on your next order.

Impressive Canvasses

March 1st, 2013

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we have a great suggestion for you on a special gift that all Mothers are guaranteed to love…a canvas family portrait!  Our canvasses are printed using UV stable inks meaning that your print will last a lifetime and never deteriorate with age.  We use only the highest quality canvas and the finest redwood frames to ensure you images are displayed to their optimum and can be appreciated for years to come.

We offer great prices on a wide range of sizes of print, simply upload your image to our website and we will do the rest.  We can even apply effects to your image, converting them into black and white, or even sepia for that old fashioned look!  If your image suffers from red-eye…don’t worry, we can touch up your images removing offending marks and dates stamps too.

We regularly run offers on our canvas printing, so be sure to check out our special promotions on Facebook.

Funky Fundraising Flyers

February 22nd, 2013

With Comic Relief just a few weeks away, now is a great time to consider what you want to do to help fund-raise for this worthy cause.  Perhaps you are organising a large scale, community wide event and you want to advertise what the event entails, where it is being held and what time from, then a leaflet hand out is a great way to communicate this and drum up support.

For such a fun fundraising event like Comic Relief then you should make sure you design a funky flyer to grab attention, so loud colours and bold fonts are essential!  Perhaps you can design a large poster to accompany your leaflet handout and put these up all around your local area, in shops, libraries and community centres with a stack of your leaflets for people to take away.

Of course, its not just Comic Relief or indeed fundraising activity that warrants such a campaign, printed leaflets are generally an effective and inexpensive way to make an impact and communicate a message.  If you need any assistance in either designing your artwork, or advice on the different formats and paper stocks available, then get in touch now and we will be happy to help.

Customised t-shirts for celebrating Stags and Hens

February 14th, 2013

With the wedding season approaching in just a few months, now is the time when the Best Men and Maids of Honour are performing their first duties of planning and organising the Stag and Hen dos.  Whether you are planning one night out in your local town or city’s top nightclub, a weekend city break or even an activity or pamper weekend, customised t-shirts are a great way to get the group together and keep them together!

These kinds of events can often get quite messy, so if you are planning on wearing your t-shirt for more than one night then you should consider buying two t-shirts for each member of your party.  You can opt to buy two of the same design or perhaps consider changing them up and having different themes for your two nights away.

There are lots of options for what designs you can go for, you could simply go for words, slogans, names and numbers, or you can consider emblazoning a baby picture of the stag or hen all over everyone’s shirt…or perhaps baby pictures of each member of the party and have people guess who is who!

You can design your own logo or choose from a selection of designs you come across either in our T-Machine or check out other ideas on line through a simple Google search.

Whatever you decide, 1ClickPrint have a fantastic range of quality t-shirts in a wide variety of colours.  We can help you with your designs and turnaround your order fast.  Take the stress out of ordering your stag and hen do t-shirts by using 1ClickPrint today.

Top Class Leaflets

February 7th, 2013

Leaflets remain a heavily utilised marketing tool, great for communicating directly to your customers and with a versatility of formats and styles, leaflet printing is a cost effective activity undertake.

When making the decision to undertake a direct marketing campaign, you need to consider a few key points to ensure you not only produce a top class leaflet in terms of design and quality of print, but also to ensure you are effectively executing our investment.

Think about your target market, who exactly do you want to respond to this leaflet? This insight will then influence how you design your leaflet.  For example are you aiming at a young age group who would respond better to bright, bold and cartoony styled designs?  Or perhaps the subject matter is more formal and aimed at a professional audience and therefore you need to utilise more appropriate fonts and styling in your design.

Leaflets need to be designed to gain maximum impact and communicate your message concisely.  Remember to include your USPs and where appropriate utilise incentives to convert sales.  Perhaps a 10% discount on production of this leaflet, or a free gift when you quote “LEAFLET99”.  That way you can also monitor your lead generation and sales conversion, allowing you to qualify your return on investment (ROI) this direct marketing campaign has generated.

Always detail clearly a Call to Action for the recipient, it may be in the form of an email and website address for more information, if this is the case then ensure you include a campaign specific URL. Alternatively it may be a phone number or date and time details of an event you are promoting.

Finally, decide your mode of distribution.  Will it be a leaflet drop by hand through people’s letterboxes or will it be by inserting into local, regional or national newspapers.  This decision will impact the type of media you decide to have your printed on and also the dimensions and format of this.  Bare in mind that if you plan to distribute via a third party, they usual charge by size, weight and number of pages. Therefore a double-sided A5 leaflet printed on 120gsm or less will be the most cost effective format for this distribution path.

A novel proposal!

January 30th, 2013

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching there will be some guys on here planning on popping the question to their partners and wracking their brains on unique and novel ways to say those magic words.  At 1ClickPrint we have just the suggestion you may have been looking for….a custom printed t-shirt!

When planning how you are going to ask that special person to marry you, why not invest in a printed t-shirt that will say it for you?  Imagine yourself, sat enjoying a romantic meal with your partner, nervously trying to get up the courage to make the proposal, sweaty palms, lump in your throat, butterflies in your stomach…if you are not careful the moment could pass!  But if you prepare yourself adequately and get a t-shirt printed with your life changing question emblazoned across the front, then if you do find yourself in a nervous state of anxiety, you can rip open your shirt to reveal the words you are struggling to say verbally!

At 1ClickPrint, we can create this for you, just send us the words and we can do the rest.

Check out our t shirt printing service by clicking the t-shirts button for a fast, easy and hassle free order.

Add a QR code to make traditional marketing materials more interactive

January 22nd, 2013

They have been around for a few years now and they are not going away, QR Codes are far more mainstream and when utilised effectively are a fantastic business tool.

Similar to bar-codes  QR codes are made up of a matrix of information, arranged uniquely into a small square that can allow for ‘Quick Response’ from customers…hence the name QR Codes.  They are great way of connecting traditional print media with interactive, digital media in just a few seconds.

Most people these days have a smart phone with the capability of downloading and installing apps, as well as taking photographs.  By using a QR code on your marketing material you can link that code to certain items on your website.  Items such as brochures and catalogues, YouTube video blogs, competition entry or your business card, allowing the person to simply take a quick snap on their smart phone and your contact details are automatically uploaded to their Contact list.

With more and more websites being developed, web addresses are increasing in complexity, especially if you wanting to direct people to a specific area on your website.  Instead of listing that on your marketing materials, install a QR code, this will not only help your potential customer access the relevant information quickly and more efficiently, but it will also allow you to monitor the success of your mailshot or flyer printing campaign therefore allowing you to monitor return on investment on this aspect of your marketing strategy.