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Be creative with your leaflet printing design to stand out from your competitors

More traditional marketing tactics are making a strong come back, and implementing a few simple, yet impacting techniques, you can make sure your leaflet stands out from your competitors.

  1. At 1clickprint we have a large range of different paper options and changing the look and feel of your leaflet can have significant impact on how your customer will respond to it in their hand.
  2. Using a non-standard paper size or finishing format can also make your leaflet stand out.  Be imaginative, perhaps have it die-cut into a shape for maximum impact, or use a non-traditional fold out technique to generate more interest in your piece.
  3. If your objectives for this direct marketing campaign necessitate more than one key message, or if you have to convey multiple benefits/USPs, then don’t squash the information into a small space, simply print a double sided leaflet or upgrade to a booklet format.  Multiple page, saddled stitched mini brochures can too be very cost effective.
  4. Don’t be afraid of colour, images and typography, they are all very important and if you don’t have the skill to graphically design your leaflet yourself, then we can do it for you.

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