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Leaflets printed for successful direct mail campaigns

Communicating with your target market in a clear and concise, yet informative and appealing way, is crucial to developing your business.  Direct mail is a highly effective way to communicate information about your products and services directly into the hands of people who may be interested in it.

Whilst one key component for a successful direct-mail campaign is a high-quality mailing list, so too is the style, format and quality of information you choose to print in your leaflets.

Leaflet printing is probably the simplest and cheapest form of direct marketing. And 1Clickprint offer fantastic deals on both standard and bespoke leaflet options, both digital and litho printed.  If you want to see a return on your investment, you need to prepare your materials carefully. Ensure materials look professional, reflect your brand and consist of all the information a customer will require to make a decision.  Clear contact details are imperative and where possible your leaflet printing should be personalised for maximum impact.  Feedback is important and offering an incentive like a discount or special offer can prove a successful way to monitor your campaign.

If you need help designing and creating your artwork then why not let our professional graphic design unit do this for you.  Whether its creating a new brand identity, or simply laying out an A5 leaflet, 1Clickprint can help to both design and print your marketing material.

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