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‘One Stop Shop’ for quality poster printing

1ClickPrint are offering great deals on both individual and multiple poster printing in a range of sizes and finishes.

Poster printing is a great way to promote your events, services and products, and can be designed and printed at fly poster A4 format, all the way up to bespoke billboard size and all sizes, bespoke or standard, in between.

Some people when displaying their posters outdoors have the facility to encase their posters behind a Perspex or glass barrier, A-Boards or other encapsulating devices specific for these means.  Often though, this is not the case, so before you get your posters printed you need to know if they need to withstand the elements or not.  We can offer great prices on external posters in weatherproof materials, printed using UV resistant inks, to give your posters increased durability and best quality finish to promote your activity.

A few key things to bare in mind when designing your posters are the resolution of images you are using.  Make sure you use images that are at least 200dpi, but preferably 300 dpi.  Always make sure your key message is clear and easy to read in passing, so keep text to a minimum and large enough to read from a distance.

Striking colours and imagery work well on posters, but do not confuse the eye with too many different colours, font styles and clutter.  If you do not have the expertise in house to create your own posters, then remember that 1ClickPrint can offer you a professional graphic design service in addition to printing the finished product for you.

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